We’re a private investment fund

Located in Philadelphia and in our 11th year of buying mortgages across the country.  WE SPECIALIZE IN BUYING NON-PERFORMING PRIVATE MORTGAGE NOTES.  While we buy performing mortgages, as most note buyers do, most of our clients get CASH for a mortgage that is in default.

What We Buy

  • We Specialize in Buying Non-Performing (not paying) Private Mortgage Notes (but we do buy Performing Notes as well)
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Position Mortgages and Deeds of Trust Nationwide
  • Unpaid balances of $25,000 and up
  • Single notes or portfolios of notes
  • Residential properties (single family, mobile homes, condominiums, apartments)

Our Process

The process of selling your mortgage is very simple for you because we do all the work. Here’s how it goes:

  • We will ask for just a few pieces of information that you should have no trouble finding and we’ll get you a quote
  • We will talk with you in plain English about the options for selling your mortgage
  • If we make an offer on your mortgage, we will put it in writing and explain how we got to that number
  • If you decide you want to sell us your mortgage, we will handle all the paperwork (since we do this all the time and you don’t) for NO COST
  • And we typically close in less than 30 days!

12 Questions to Ask

How to know that the organization buying your note is trustworthy & professional

  1. What, if any, costs will I have to pay?
  2. How do I know I’ll get my cash?
  3. If my note is in my Self-Directed IRA and if I sell the note, how will I get paid?
  4. Once you give me a price quote, will it change?
  5. When do you ask for the original loan documents (Promissory Note, Mortgage / Deed of Trust)?
  6. After I sign the Purchase Agreement, how long will it be until closing?
  7. How much of my personal information will you require?
  8. Who handles all the paperwork for the transaction?
  9. Are you a Note Broker or a Direct Buyer?
  10. If the borrowers stop making payments (or aren’t paying now), do you kick them out?
  11. When will I hear from you next?
  12. Why should I buy from you?

We’re ready when you are! Your cash payment is right around the corner.